Sunday, 8 April 2012

A kite in the open sky

I'm a kite in the open sky!

Sporting colors of freedom on myself I swing unpredictably in the sky. I meet and greet other kites with a warm hug. Some greet me back politely while others mess with me and bring me down back to earth swinging, to the amusement of adult and children alike.
I rise up high in the sky but am grounded at the same time. My life is unpredictable. I might fly high in the sky at one moment and lie down in dusty streets at another, but I relish every moment of my life.
I am liked by everybody till the time I'm in perfect condition. As soon as i develop a tear, I am abandoned by everybody.

How beautiful the sun looks from the horizon and how amazing it feels when the wind gently blows a kiss to you!

I do not want success, fame or money. I just want to be a liberated a kite in the open sky.

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