Friday, 6 April 2012

swimming through the currents

After jumping into a forty feet deep demonic swimming pool at the age of ten, I was infused with extreme confidence. I ran to my dad who stood at the other side of the pool. He patted my back with a broad satisfied smile asked me if i was scared. I replied with a non nonchalant shrug of an Olympic medal winning swimmer "No! Me and scared! I'm ready to face the ocean now.He laughed off my remark casually and said"You need to learn to swim through the currents first."

His words said almost five years back suddenly made more sense. I had jumped into the swimming pool with exaggerated confidence but had forgotten that ocean wasn't the same. It has currents which push you back every time to try to swim forward and often bring you back to the same place from where you had started. You can only swim through a ocean and reach the other side if you have enough strength and swim through the 'currents'.

As a young girl of fifteen, I still have trouble swimming through the currents of my life. Sometimes, I am pushed back to the same place I had started from and other times I do not have enough strength to face the currents. Yet I try to face each wave challenging the ocean with greater anticipation.

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