Friday, 6 April 2012

When friends walk away

Don't be too confident when someone says they will be with you always
Cause they usually don't mean it.

The idea itself of friendship pushes some serious buttons love, jealousy, anger and more. But the true meaning of friendship would be a special bond in which souls connect. I have been privileged with some of the best lot and feel a deep connection with them. Friends occupy a special place in our heart. They make you smile and feel special! Who doesn't want good friends?

But how do you feel when they walk away without giving a reason? They stop e-mailing you, calling you, replying to your texts without giving a logical reason. They try to avoid you in every possible way and neglect you every time and everywhere. You realize that you don't seem to 'fit into' each others lives.

What to do with such a friendship?

It is YOU who will decide. Is it worthy of your time and energy or is it simply better to let go? Do you want to fight for your friendship or is it simply not worth? 
Sometimes, its better to let go...

This note is for a friend of mine who has stopped answering my calls and has simply walked away. And this time, it will be better for both of us to let go of a friendship which gave us more tears than smiles.

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