Sunday, 29 April 2012

Love in the train

I looked outside the window from my train compartment loaded with irritating co-passengers who were shouting at the peak of their voices as my gaze rested  on the beautiful scene mother nature had painted outside.I was digging a blissful state of nostalgia. The rain had made everything appear beautiful. I saw the raindrops dance on the window as they connected dots.
Then suddenly my gaze shifted to a three year old boy who was eating a biscuit from a packet. Hid mother was constantly bickering at him for dropping the tiny pieces on his shirt and not offering his biscuits to others. But he didn't budge.

Then, a girl of about his age entered our compartment with her tiny fingers clutched around her fathers hand. She was wearing a frock in the lightest shade of pink and had her hair tied in two ponytails. She looked extremely adorable.

I questioned her what her name was. "Ariya". She replied shyly as she hid behind her father.

"Ariya do you want a biscuit?" said the little guy who was in my compartment as he handed her a biscuit from his packet.
"Thanks!" She said coyly as she picked up a biscuit from the packet. Both of her cheeks were red now.

Then they started a conversation which wasn't audible to me but I had fun looking at the cute couple in my compartment.
I wish love could be as pure as this. The guy who didn't offer biscuits to anyone else, went up to the girl and offered her one. It left me in Awing for the rest of the day and my grin took to my ears.
Small positive incidents like this, make life worth living!

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