Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Qualities of highly effective teenagers

Teenage, as they say is the most rebellious phase of ones life. I too am going through the same phase battling my inner and outer evils and taking everyday as a challenge.Some teenagers, lose their vision and indulge in wrong activities. Others however, take the challenge very positively and conquer in the end. So here I present some qualities of highly effective teenagers:

1.Choose their friends wisely
Effective teenagers are smart and choose friends very wisely and do not go with the crowd. In teenage years it is very important to be with the right people and in the right company. Company has a huge influence on a teenagers growth and development.

2.Know what to do in life
Effective teenagers are determined. They know what they are going to do in life and work hard to achieve it. They set both long term and short term goals and work towards them.

3.Good communication skills
It is very important in today's world to be street smart and have good communication skills. Effective teenagers can strike a conversation with anyone and about anything! They know how to speak, when to speak and are great listeners and advisers as well.

4. Know how to say NO
Effective teenagers don't always go with the flock and deny something which they don't find appropriate, or something they don't desire.

 5.Know their talents
Effective teenagers know what their talents are and try to improve them. They know how to manage time and balance various aspects of their lifes beautifully!

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