Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Number three

3 things you should know about number 3

1. I was born on the date 3 :D
2. The number of 'true' friends I have ever had.
3. It is my lucky number and follows me like EVERYWHERE!

3 things that scare me

1.Liars and fake friends
3.Needles and syringes

3 things I love

1. Spending time with my 'special' friends.
2. Writing something creative.
3. Eating to my heart's content.

3 things I want to do before I die

1.Buy my parents a really exotic house and a car :D
2.A vacation to Egypt with my friends.
3.See my grandchildren read and admire my blog ;)

3 things I can do

1. Squint my eyes in a really weird manner :D
2. Comprehend and understand someone to a large extent.
3.Wear a six inch heel for hours!

3 favourite foods

1.Cheese Burst pizza
3.Extra cheese burger


  1. I envy you on "3 things I can do"-point 3....so much wish I could do that.

    1. haha! that comes with a lot of practice ;) and thanks fo dropping by

  2. nice post....

    Keep Smiling.. Bless You.. Tc