Friday, 18 May 2012

Hello :)

Just decided to drop by and say a quick hello :)
SO if your wondering what I'm doing nowadays, the obvious answer would be I'm vacationing!
No not in Hawai, or  London or even Goa (closer to home). I'm vacationing in Mumbai itself.
Reading fellow blogger's blogs, painting, a little cooking, reading books, watching movies and smiling. (atleast trying to)
My results will be declared by the end of the month. So doing everything fun before I get taunted by four family members :)
Will be posting something interesting really soon! So be hooked
Love and Laughter
Nupur :)


  1. Hahaha, holidays = super fun =D
    All the best for the results <3

  2. vacationing .. i see ...i thought you cooked nothing more than the 2 minute noodles or the sunfeast pasta ..:P glad to know that you are cooking .. :) and cmon... who are you kidding ? trying to smile ...? i think you smile just fine ..pretty good actually .. even though... you dont feel like smiling .. u should ... makes the one beside you happy ..:) (think of reasons to smile .. I am sure u have tonnes of memories o remember .. and to smile) .. oh .. and .. the results are out .. i dont suppose you getting taunted at by ur family members ... I hope not ..:P .

    P.S. - just so you know ....I am definately hooked up... Its always a pleasure to read your blogs . do continue writing .. :)

    1. Dear anonymous,
      My mom has got me under her guidance in cooking. Taught me how to make fried rice,paneer,pasta, noodles already. And there's a lot going on in my life due to which I can't smile voluntarily. If u want to know, contact ne, And I got a decent 92% so no taunts :p

      And thanks for that little compliment down there :) But who are you!!

  3. .. woah .. now i think I am hungry ... you have to make me some of those someday ..!

    1. Sure! Drop in anytime..just tell who you are

  4. .. well.. to be frank... one always has reasons to smile ... I am sure about that ... you just have to find that reason... :) free advice .:P