Thursday, 3 May 2012

Down the memory lane- conservatism and clothes

One thing which I LOVE and totally appreciate about Mumbai is that you have full freedom and nobody can be the obstruction in your happiness. You can do whatever you feel like without eyeballs popping and raising eyebrows. Your skirts can be as short as you like, your tops can be as transparent as plastic (or call it translucent ;). Of course you will get some stares, but nobody will be seen whispering something in the other persons ear or pointing fingers at you.

So when I went to Jaipur to attend a marriage, I had forgotten how conservative city it is and how your choice of clothing can affect people around you.

I sat in the living room of my Grandfathers house dressed in a White top and light blue skirt above my knee ready to go to the market with mum. When suddenly my grandfather, whom i lovingly call Nanu entered the room.
"Why don't you get ready?" He said a little annoyed. "We are already late."
"What?" I replied a little panicked. "But I AM ready!"
"Is this what you are going to wear?" He said. The sarcasm in his voice was clearly visible.
"Yes!" I said as I rolled my eyes and shrugged nonchalantly.
"Oh well then.." He said a little embarrassed and left the room.

My mother who had witnessed the incident chuckled.
"He must be a IIM-Ahmadabad alumni and have traveled all around the world! But his thoughts haven't changed a bit."
I laughed along too. Old habits hardly die.


  1. Hahahaha. Mumbai IS cool like that, but a lot of shit here too. Khair, good that your parents are the very hush,cover yourself from head to toe kind!

  2. Absolutely! I have full freedom to wear anything here :D
    Unlike delhi and thanks for dropping by!