Wednesday, 30 May 2012

For the most wonderful woman in my life!

She looked  straight into my eyes sternly as she seated herself on a chair pulled next to mine and told in a calm yet bold tone “At least try Nupur! You cannot give up. Besides this is something you are good at. You will win, And even if you won’t we will always be there.”
Reluctantly, I agreed to participate in the competition. She was there when I spoke in an auditorium filled with 2000 eyes staring at me pointedly. It was with her encouraging words and a pinch of my talent, I rose as the winner of the rolling trophy. My mom has always been my pillar of strength.
She was twenty three when she was blessed with me. An age a little too young to be a mother. She left her well paying full time job in Delhi to take care of me. Today when I question her why did she do that? She says that her priorities are different and she doesn’t regret leaving her job.  It’s from her I learn to keep my family first everywhere and making sacrifices for my loved ones.
She is a great lady. If I owe my sense of identity to someone, undoubtedly it’s her. She has always taught me that it is always better to stand out then fit in.  So when I would cry like a 5 year old every day before going to my new school in a different city because I wasn’t accepted by my classmates , she would hug me and give me assurance that everything is going to be alright in a few days. She never taught me to back off and encouraged me to face my fears with courage.
When I was on the brink on teenage, she had detailed discussions with me about how children get misdirected and a lot of other things as well. I never had to hide something from my mother.  We discussed everything from books to boys. She also exactly knew who my crushes were.  Right from that time I had decided, if I ever become a mother. I would love to be like her.
Today I’m taller to her, and she continues to be my best friend and best company to the mall, parlor or even a video game store.  She has tried her best to be a supportive mom of an eccentric teenage girl and yes, she has succeeded.
I just don’t love her. All kids do that. I also admire her for being my pillar of strength and being a wonderful woman throughout. She has taught me to be independent and take my own decisions. Years later, I will also thank her for the things she has stopped me from doing now.  I will always cherish her presence as a distinct sense of comfort envelops me when I am with her. J
And I love her too cause besides my grandmother, she is the only person who thinks I’m beautiful: p and also because she lets me eat her slice of chocolate truffle pastry.

 Love you mumma and wish you a very happy birthday!

P.S: She has turned 39! still young to be a 15 years old's mom :p  And her birthday was on 27th, but couldn't access net that day.

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