Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lost her way home

Poetry is something with which I would prefer NOT to experiment but this poem is very close to my heart. I mean each and every word in it. It is not fiction, It is what I truly feel at the moment!

The girl you see in the mirror is not me,
Cause this is not how she used to be.
She once could kill with her infectious smile,
Now she is doing it all to make her life worthwhile.
She smiles but her eyes a tunnel to her soul reflect the pain,
But the agony and longing is here to remain.
Nobody talks or questions her, her life is an open book
For people to creep up her nerves and take a look.
She finds herself in darkness, covered by horrors of shade
Yet in this unconquerable situation, she finds herself unafraid
She doesn't cry, she doesn't whine
Cause she knows after the darkest night comes the sunshine
She's not broken, she's not torn
She is just a girl who has lost her way home.


  1. different shades of a girl... luvly :)

  2. thanks :) Its about me and what I feel at the moment. She isnt sad she isnt depressed just confused and lost

  3. tat was truly beautiful and hopeful in a way. Way To go, gal! :)