Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I was left awestruck when a friend walked upto me and asked me that is Why do I cry narrate from MY point of view?
Was surprised me more was 2 other friends asked me the same question :/
So just wanted to make it clear that my poems are totally fictional! To write poems, you need to be an emotional baggage. Fortunately or unfortunately I haven't gone through much so I write from that point of view! I don't keep anyone in my mind while writing poems. Terribly sad people interpreted in the wrong way :/
Good thing is, I know more people are reading my blog now :p

Love and laughter


  1. heyy there is something for you in my blog... check it out :)

    1. thank you sooo much anjali :D I'm honoured! You definitely made my day!
      Never thought a 15 year old slightly eccentric teenagers blog would be admired to this extent :)

    2. heyy your blog is awesum yaar... it doesn't feel like a teenagers eccentric thoughts... atleat me doesn't feel so... i love your blog from the day i started following u :) thnk u for accepting my award :)