Saturday, 5 May 2012


Apologies over the past 15 years of my life to different people.

1. Apologies to the McDonald's staff for carrying the ketchup sachets home before they introduced a dispenser.

2.Apologies to my friend, on whose face I spat by mistake a million times.

3. Apologies to my mother for compelling her to raise hand on me when she had her Mehendi on...raising hand me had spoilt it completely!

4. Apologies to my Maths teacher for cursing him after each and every exam.

5. Apologies to the nurse, whose eardrums were on the verge of bursting when I had to go for a blood test.

6. Apologies to the shopkeeper, whose precious time I would waste bargaining over something I never wanted.

7.Apologies to the Stall owner outside my school whom I gave a torn ten rupee note purposely.

8. Apologies to my family members, for torturing you with my LOUD and shrill voice.

9. Apologies for pinching that young girl ahead me in the temple line (she pushed me first!)

10. Apologies to my blog readers, at my attempt towards a humorous blog post. And yes, all the above mentioned things are absolutely true! 


  1. heyy am new to ur blog and i loved this post... Infact it is so innocent... :)tc

    1. Thanks for dropping by :) Hope you see others too! And just going through your blog :)