Saturday, 5 May 2012

Give your heart a break

My life has been changing gears at a stunning speed since a past ! It has shifted from neutral gear and I'm ready to embark a new journey. Caught in the web of responsibilities and social commitments, I hardly found time to take a deep breath and analyze about my past, think about present events and make choices for the future.

My usual moments with 'myself' would involve scanning through all the memories of events which happened a few days ago and giving a deep though to how to react to it. I wanted to untangle those intricate knots that had been formed in my heart and were the reason of my immense pain. I felt like a bird entangled in the kite strings crying out for help.

Then suddenly, a friend of mine advised me to give my heart a break. This involved distancing yourself from all the negativity around you and clearing all of it. Let it be irritating people or even a messy drawer. Sit by the window and deeply analyze all the things that have been happening to you, and what impact have they left of you. So I did, I took a deep breath and sat beside the window.

I looked outside my window pain as the silver filaments of rain obliquely strike the earth with great vengeance. I felt like I was in an alternate universe ignorant of all the happenings around me. Sounds blended to conceive a mellifluous euphony of the pitter-patter of raindrops, the sound of a firefly buzzing outside the window and the swish of the leaves. I was oblivious to any other presence in the vicinity and had a surreal feeling that time was moving by and the world around me had come to a grinding halt.

I gave my heart a break. And once in a while, everyone should