Tuesday, 19 June 2012

When people change

Being of a military background, I have learnt a lot. Life teaches you so many things when you are in a defense background which I wouldn't have learnt otherwise. It has taught me to be more open, more clear and confident about life, be social. But one lesson which I learn quiet early and will cherish for a lifetime is letting go. 

We would have to shift from one place to other in every two years. Just as the bond with friends would start getting stronger, we would part. There would be many tears, but then eventually everybody got busy in their lives and your existence in their lives would hardly matter.

Sometimes I would remissness things in the past, thinking what went wrong or how I could have changed them. I would think about it when I would wake up, in the after while eating my lunch and also before going to bed. I would think about it so much that I would burst out crying. I would blame myself for all those people who left my side, who avoided me and how I could have nurtured those relations.

We make mistakes and sometimes we hurt people who mean the most to us. But letting go isn't giving up, its GROWING up.

Life is all about having fun, taking chances, learning from the past and realizing that people change.

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  1. True.
    You have let things and people and everything go, and just dust yourself up and walk on :]

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