Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kiss of the Rain

The time is here. The time of the year which we Mumbaikars crave for subconsciously despite deliriously loving the Sun so much. It has been pouring whole night and I'm under my comforters. A gentle breeze stirs me awake and rain sprinkles on my face. My idea of a perfect morning before I'm beckoned my the irritating sound of my alarm clock. I have expressed my affinity towards rain in previous blog posts and now I'm reliving its magic :D

My extra classes have started and I'm already loving commerce! :D I'm surrounded by the people who love me and the negativity is out of my life. Life isn't perfect. But I'm happy. So Im moving ahead with a clear thinking and no speed breakers to block me on my journey.Again starting on my journey to self discovery! Enlighten the trip and jump in the wagon :D

Love and laughter
Nupur :)

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  1. nice dear :) all the very best for ur life... keep smiling :)