Friday, 29 June 2012

Move on

That night is still imprinted distinctly in my head,
It makes me squirm and shiver in my bed.
A silvery tear rolls from my eye,
as my mind ponders over what you told was truth or lie.
The demarcation between your words and deeds leads me astray.
Never even in my distant thoughts I had thought you could betray.
And now I'm treading on the path of emotional assault,
my life it seems has come to a grinding halt.
I repent trusting you and believing the false promises you made,
Little did I know that with the passage of time meaning of words fade.
But I realise, that life isn't about mourning that's lost,
Its about making the best of what you have got.
People trample over your trust and change like seasons,
some walk out of you life without giving a proper reason.
So I'm glad about what I have and stopped mourning about what's gone,
So I get up, dust myself and move on.


  1. Are you really 15? :O
    COz that from a 15 year old is beyond excellent..
    Absolutely loved the flow of words.. Great stuff :)

    P.S> Thanks for following my blog. Means a lot :)

    1. Yes I am 15!
      And I'm so not into poetry! But sometimes I write stuff, and it turns out to be good :) and thanks for your comment here!