Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A different perspective

The moonlight filtered through the vacillating canopy of the trees and her face bathed in it. She felt as if she had been infused with renewed energy as she smiled to herself. She was in an alternate universe ignorant to all the things happening in the vicinity. The howling of dogs followed by the fluttering of wings of the dragonfly and the breeze that her just hit her face gently seemed to be disconnected, but in her thoughts had an unmatched sync with each other.

As the silver filaments of rain striked the earth she started digging a blissful state of nostalgia. She was reminded of all the beautiful times when she moved into the new city, her set of friends and the fun they had together. She felt the tension and stress ease out of her body as her gaze rested on the ruins of the tea shop where she and her friends had spent the most beautiful time of their lives. Its amusing what role memories play on your worked up mind and relieve stress and tension she thought.

In her soaked form, she felt the rain and lifted her arms to embrace the tiny droplets of rain which shined like pearls. She danced with her arms stretched, like an angel. Divine personification of Venus. Her body it seemed, had let go of the soul captured within and dancer was the only entity her body retained. The gestures of her arms and legs begin to narrate their sad story as tears of joy appeared on the brink of her eyes. She seemed a completely different individual. She felt as if she was reliving her old form that had vanquished in the wake of today's events. She felt herself again.
The moonlight soon faded away and the reddish-yellow Sun peeped behind the frail clouds. She rubbed her eyes to admire the beauty of the Sunrise she had been seeing everyday.
 But now, from a different perspective. 

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