Friday, 8 February 2013

Morning person

It's 6 am now and I'm on my blog. The world around me is quiet and dark, just as I want it to be. Not my perfect morning, but definitely one which allows me to think peacefully.My description of a perfect morning is painted intricately on the canvass of my mind. A beach house surrounded by palm trees and gentle breeze blowing, which stirs me awake and my senses arouse soon after. Distinct melodious sounds blend to conceive a soothing music which hits my eardrums softly. Welcome to my paradise!

However, I live in a metro city. My description of a perfect morning is too far from the reality.The chirping of birds is mercilessly drowned by the cacophony my phone alarm and the honking of cars around seven makes it really difficult to enjoy the beauty of sunrise. I definitely like early mornings, but the quiet peaceful ones!

I am a morning person primarily because the ease and silence of mornings make me think clearly. The idea that the world is drenched and I feel miles away from the world gives me a pleasant feeling.
However before I can let the stream of my thoughts flow and organize them, the world arouses from its deep slumber and life begins.

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