Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Four lefts from the center - III

I started liking Mumbai more as days passed by. I first tasted freedom in this city, where my deadline was extended by two hours and I was allowed to travel to greater distances, alone. I can never forget the day I traveled alone in a bus for the first time. I was beaming with pride and joy and the tickets are safe with me till today :)

I made more friends. I couldn't really call some of them friends, but they were a great company I must admit. I explored the entire South Mumbai with them something which was a distant dream in Delhi.
I rarely stayed back at home in the evenings. Every evening I would go out with some friend or the other and return late. My dull and plain life in Delhi, had suddenly become more happening!
But I didn't realize that with the change in my surroundings, I had also changed to a great extent. I was no longer the introvert girl who was absorbed in her studies. I had becoming more outgoing and my thoughts and views had become more open. Mumbai had expanded my horizon, It had made me more confident. I can definitely say, that staying in Mumbai, has been a defining point in my life.

I had the time of my life in Mumbai. Meeting friends everyday, going on dinner parties on weekends, coming home from a birthday at 11 in the night, riding my scooty on Marine drive, were some experiences I will never forget!

But little did I know, that in the long run this change can have negative effects. As the new and more confident version had taken over, I felt my old identity fading away. I was more concerned about others opinions about me and felt that I too had become a part of the masquerade, something which wasn't uncommon in this city.

Life is full of bittersweet moments, which take you to the highs of pure joy and plunge you into heart wrenching sadness soon after. There are moments in life when you go with the flow, but later want to stop, reflect and go back in the opposite direction. I was in a similar phase.

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