Sunday, 3 February 2013

Four lefts from the Centre - II

Mumbai was very different from what I had expected. The roads were cleaner (at least in my area!) and the people were friendlier. However, I still was a Delhi girl at heart. I had not accepted the place fully . A part of me still wanted to go back to Delhi though nothing was wrong with Mumbai. Every morning I would wake up, and the sounds of birds tweeting was mercilessly drowned by the honking cars. I missed everything about Delhi. The food, the culture, the clothes. People were far too well dressed in Mumbai. I had to give away all my lose fitting kurtis and harram pants to fit in the crowd. Primarily, the reason for my mixed feelings about Mumbai were that I had not made friends here. Mumbai has everything to offer only if you have a good company, and probably that was what I was missing.

Gradually, I did make friends and that too good ones. But they were different from the ones I had in Delhi. They wore brands I had never heard of and listened to music that was different from what I listened to. Yet, they were very welcoming. When the monsoon had dawned over Mumbai, we would go to the Sea side and spend hours splashing in the mud pools and playing in the water. There was a very good defense club in the vicinity where we would all meet in the evening. Unlike in Delhi, where we would meet only in the weekends.

The United services club, our hangout joint

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  1. God... I felt the exact same way when I first came to Mumbai. Our situations are way too similar. In these few lines I was completely transported to my first few days in Mumbai... :)