Friday, 2 August 2013

List of things you should do while you are still in school

I was digging a blissful state of nostalgia today, a song on the television today brought back a million memories, the highs of pure joy and a chain of thoughts brought me here. As I scan through memories of my nomadic school life, I present a list of things one should do when your still in school.

1. Ring the fire alarm and slip away as quickly as possible
This one was done by a friend in 9th grade, who out of curiosity rung the fire alarm when she was with me. Soon the entire school had assembled in the school ground :p including students who were giving their exams :D
(Warning: Avoid if your schools have cameras, you might land yourself into soup :p)

2.Go to a trip in a different city, or a water park
Before 10th grade, I had never ever been on a trip or even a proper picnic with my friends. I had the pleasure and privilege of being a student of army school and going to one of India's best water park :D The water slides, wave pools and bus ride make me make my toes curl, even today!

3.Learn to ride or navigate a vehicle
When both my cousins had perfected their driving skills on their scooties, I had a valid reason to persuade my dad to get me one. Even with multiple scratches both on my scooty and my body, I have no regrets as I was able to strike off one item on my wishlist, driving scooty on Marine drive!

4. Make prank calls!
I am sure everybody must have done this once in their lifetime. Fun doubles when your friends are your partners in crime. One prank call a few years ago, landed me into trouble :p So I stay away from this practice now!

5. Perform
Being a shy and underconfident girl in my initial years of school life, I missed this opportunity, But later when it knocked at my door I grabbed it and chased away my fears for the years to come! A bharatnatyam performace as the main lead, was an experience I will never ever forget.

Please be free to add more items to this list. There are some things which cannot be posted on this blog has it has no viewers discretion :p 


  1. This is an amazing list! Also, it made me smile a huuuuge smile 'cause I mentally checked off the ones I've done and ended up checking off all of them :D

    Thank you thank you for making me feel how I'm feeling right now. Yes, I may sound weird, but I finished school this year and am preparing for Medical Universities and have been feeling low since it's the time of the year when schools are about to open but I have no school to go too. Sigh :(

    Also, when I tried Number 1 the fire alarm wasn't working so one had to ring the normal school bell many times to indicate that it's a fire alarm. And, guess what? I got caught :3 And, then got a warning letter from school too xD

    But, that was the only time I got caught. Yes, I've pulled off this one more than once :D

    P.S. Prank calling our teachers is best xD

  2. HAHA! :D Even we makde many prank calls to teachers too!
    And I am glad if this post stirred school memories in you :) Even my school life ends in a year and the other day I was thinking about it and felt nostalgic, so wrote this post.
    All the best for your medical entrance :D