Sunday, 11 August 2013

9 loves!

1. When talking about loves, chocolate is the first thing that come to my mind :D Ask my mother how much I love chocolate, and she can write an essay on it!

2. I absolutely love reading books (thriller,romantic,mystery,psychology,motivational). I could spend all the money I have on books, and not feel guilty about it. I have a drawer in my home filled with books which i have purchased from the money squirreled out from my pocket money over the years.

3. My blog is my baby :D It has been around two years now, and definitely comes in the list of things I love.

4. I have probably mentioned this more than 100 times now, and the domain name also speaks for itself. Purple has been my favorite color since quiet some time now, and this is one thing that would not change even as the years roll by!

5. I am a girl who has grown up in Delhi, but matured in Mumbai. My life revolves around these two cities and I owe my sense of identity to the remarkable experiences I have had in both the cities.

6. I am totally the 'live to eat' person. I can splurge all I have on food and not feel bad about it :D A self confessed glutton, food definitely is one of my 9 loves.

7. I am the kind of girl who can bond with people, but doesn't make friends easily. Over the years, I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing some wonderful people who have always stayed by my side and never ever made me feel lonely. I don't have to mention their names, they know who they are :)

8. When I talk about my loves, how can I ever miss my little sister? She is a bundle of joy and has been my partner in crime since 11 years now!

9. Last but not the least, I would like to mention my family. They have been a constant source of encouragement throughout and it is because of them I have evolved as a person.

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