Saturday, 10 August 2013

10 day challenge

Came across the 10 day challenge on someones blog and I really liked it! :D
Ten secrets on the first day! Damn :/ Being a secretive person this is gonna be hard. But well here it goes :D

1. I don't cry very easily, but when I do I keep on crying for hours and hours :p Also, I like to look at my reflection while crying cause I look red and swollen like a tomato :p

2. I absolutely HATE brushing my teeth before going to sleep. I try to skip it when I can, but that is rare cause my mom pushes me to the bathroom even when I' half asleep :/

3. I have a really really weird crush history :p One was 2 years junior, the other was 2 inches shorter :p

4. When I am lying, it reflects on my face. I am very very expressive. Usually when I lie, I stammer.

5. Once in second standard I had pulled a guy's pants down because he was making fun of me :p

6. I have a unique way of getting secrets out of people (Wink wink)

7. I once went to the market with my shirt worn in the wrong way. It was only when I came back my mom told me about my big blunder -_-.

8. I have a major thing for brown eyes and dimples.

9. If there is one person in this world, who can make me cry when she cries, it is my sister.

10.  I don't like 90 out of the hundred people I meet.

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