Tuesday, 17 June 2014


In seventeen years, six months and fourteen days that I have added weight to the planet earth, I cannot recall a single year in which my family did not pack their luggage and venture out on a vacation. This explains their alacrity to explore a new place, ignoring price sensitiveness.
I have traveled so much, that I jokingly tell my friends that If I ever write an autobiography, it would seem more like a travelogue! 

A few weeks ago, we planned to go on a road trip to the Niagara falls. The mention of the word 'road trip' was enough to make my heart to do a mini jig :D I SO love journeys! By train or by road. Vomiting and restroom problems, notwithstanding.

It was supposed to be an eight hour journey. Preparation begun 2 days in advance. Why? Well the cynicism of my mother of not finding a vegetarian restaurant on our way delayed our trip by a day. After frying 70 odd puris , and packing 30 odd diapers for my baby cousin on board, the trip kick started.

The drive to Buffalo city from New york offers some breathtaking views of the countryside. I saw some visuals which took me back to the cartoons I saw when I was five. The big red barns, mare grazing on hills, crystal clear lakes made me rub my eyes in amazement. 

It seemed like a movie, the proximity of my loved ones, the smooth roads and the pictures painted on the canvas of nature.

Stopped by for a cup of tea. Saw a squirrel and got excited!. HAD to capture this one

We occasionally stopped at Dunkin donuts or Subway to re-energize with a cup of coffee or tea, stare wide eyed at the picturesque landscape and also take a few photographs :D

Destination Niagara!
After an eight hour long drive, we had arrived at our destination. But for the first time, the path, the journey seemed much more exciting than the destination. The roads were much more tempting and fun than the falls, and I was fretting over the fact that the journey had come to an end. 
I had to fight the urge to get out of the car. Not because of my crooked back or stomach overstuffed with Puri and bhaji,or newtons third law of motion. Its the spell that road trips cast on you....that refuses to wash off from the mental cabinet of your brain even as the years roll by.

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