Friday, 21 June 2013

Lost Nightingale

She left her home for a new abode,
wanted to taste freedom in the new city
Abandoned the forest for a big town
The nightingale young and free

The city life grew upon her
It had things the forest did lack
The new place accepted her with open arms
And now there was no looking back

Slowly as time flew by
loneliness started creeping in
On the surface, life seemed just perfect
But she was miserable deep within

When the city life lost its charm
She felt she was depressed and alone
She wanted to return to where she belonged
But now she had lost her way home

She lost her voice, lost her speech
Her songs drowned in the noise of the city
Her wings entangles in invisible wires
She felt trapped in a cage, overcome by misery

I did make some mistakes, have a few regrets
I did fall hard, but did never fail
I mourn the loss of my identity
I search for the lost nightingale.


  1. This poem made me so sad.... :(

    Anyhow, very well written.

    1. some stories do not have a clear beginning, some lack a clear middle, others lack a perfect end.

  2. nice poem dear with a pinch of sadness... still keep smiling... keep writing :)


    My family and I change homes, shift from city to city and travel a lot almost every year. And, yeah, we've been doing this since I was born.

    Sometimes, there is this feeling as if i don't belong anywhere. and, that I'm just a traveller. But, then I have my grandparents home that actually feels like home :)

    Well, I'm still a traveller. And, reading this poem just made me seem as if I was the nightingale.

    Beautifully written. See, you made me relate to this poem. Now, that's a good mark of a poet. :)

    1. I have the exact same feeling at times. The feeling that you get when you travel so much. Every place you learn to fit in the crowd nd gradually realise that we have lost our own identity in the process. thanks btw :)