Thursday, 20 June 2013

Before Dawn

This is a poem very close to my heart. Might not be one of my best works, but this is something that came to me spontaneously. I am not writing my interpretation of the poem cause different people can have different interpretations of it. Write your interpretation below :)

The sky fades to black,
Darkness sets in.
Soul drained of hope,
No possibility of a win.

In the world of lost chances,
Content in just an illusion.
As I fall deeper down the bottomless pit,
I look for an escape route, not a solution.

Rising tides and falling hopes,
Give birth to a thousand fears.
The dawn would break, the world would know,
Our story might just end here.

I fight the fears and take a chance,
Not caring about what might happen.
Let's escape into another world
Before the dawn begins.


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