Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lost Faith

I knew things change with time, I knew people you know become people you knew and promises lose their meaning. But little did I know that things can change so much in a short span of 2 months.
It has been precisely 2 months since I left Mumbai and my life has totally changed. I knew this had to happen. Being from a defense background, I am not new to this shifting procedure. But this time maybe it happened a little to early and on a scale larger then usual. I knew there are no permanent friends and enemies and my so called 'friends' will stop answering my calls some day. But it has just been 2 months and I have started getting cold vibes from them. Earlier, I could here my Blackberry 'ping' in every ten minutes with random texts. Now, my phone remains untouched till the battery completely drains out. The girl who never returned home till 9:30 in the night doesn't feel like stepping out of the house anymore. I really want to talk to someone, but nobody seems to care. Pangs of longing are killing me. Every minute, every second and sadly, there is nothing I can do about it.
 So here I am, sitting on my computer table and drinking milkshake, trying to make the most of the last summer vacations of my life and waiting for that one person to call me and restore my faith in friendship.


  1. Look Nupur... I totally understand what you are going through. I am going through the very same phase. It's not random texts that you want. You want that one special person or those few special people to remind you that they are still there. I don't know whether my comment will make much of a difference or not but all I want to say is that with time people change. The person who you felt knew you inside out might seem like a complete stranger. All you can do is adapt to it. It is his/her decision that you can in no way influence. What you can do is hang on and not give up. Please take care because I mean it when I say I need you. And not just me, I'm sure that special someone or group of those special people will realize it soon too. Just remember, you are Nupur, an individual and you neither need friends nor acquaintances to define you.

    Loads of Love
    Keep Blogging :)