Sunday, 3 March 2013


Problems in any kind of relationship are like the rain. They can either destroy everything, or make the relationship stronger. Rain also plays a dual role. Here I draw a parallelism between rain and problems in relationships.

The sky thunders loud as the clouds approach
the heavens cry I can feel the rain
Teardrops settle on my skin
Insecurities creep in and I feel pain.

As dark clouds of doubt overshadow the sun
I feel cheated of a childhood dream
In the bludgeoning of chances fear leaps in
All I can do is shout and scream

Rain disturbs the placid lake
Devoid of movement and action
Our love was devoid of emotions or concern
Survived by white lies and passion

The dew drops as fragile as relationships
Trickle down the petals as they open
There is still some love that is left,
There are still some promises unbroken 

(strictly fictional)


  1. I love your blog just 'cause it's named 'Purple Fantasy'.

    On a side note: i like the way you've summed up the emotions in your poem :)