Saturday, 9 March 2013


As I look into the rear view mirror, I realize that I have changed a lot since the last year. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and demolished my self erected boundaries which were created to identify myself, the real me.There was a phase in my life when I felt that I had completely lost my identity. But after 3 years of introspection I'm clear of who I am and my goals. I have managed to create my own individual identity. A good student, a poet, a deep thinker, a blogger. This is how the outside world identifies me but among all these tags how many know the real me? Can i extend their vision beyond these tags?
Let's admit it, we love being tagged. The kind of tags given to us by people we encounter in our daily life. An understanding friend, a good poet, a doting daughter. We associate ourselves with these tags so much, that in this process we feel our own identity fading away. Hardly anybody knows the emotional baggage the good poet carries, the true emotions of a daughter or the broken heart of am understanding friend. In retrospect I realize  that I HAD to lose myself in order to find myself, I had to fall to rise again.  I am changing everyday. I discover something about myself everyday which is beyond the tags I have been given by the world. I am creating my own identity which doesn't fit into someone's 'stature'. My past has sculpted my present, and my present is sculpting my future.
Don't just associate yourself with the tags the world gives you, discover things about you. Trust me, it's a wonderful journey :) jump in the wagon and enlighten the trip :)


  1. What is your tag that you gave to yourself, Nupur?

  2. Awesome deep and so true!
    I am left with no choice but to join your blog!