Sunday, 23 September 2012


Drowned in the sea of emotions,
My soul lays unconcealed; bare.
Silence ceases my existence,
Remorse catches me in its snare.

To the world I was a modest individual,
Infused with naive positivity.
But few knew what lied in the eyes,
Behind my mask of honesty.

Fear leaps into my soul,
Guilt rips me apart.
I long for a new beginning,
I crave for a fresh new start.

I lie at the gravestone of my honesty,
I mourn craving for apology.
I was unfaithful to my world,
I was unfaithful to me.


1 comment:

  1. This poems somewhat spells my heart too..This is the specialty of poems-they can touch many hearts yet remain detached. Beautiful :-)