Monday, 20 August 2012


Sitting in a circle by the campfire with friends in the month of December, singing songs and conversations punctuated by laughter and the fluttering of dragonfly wings.
Sound like a scene pulled out from a Bollywood flick, but these were the moments which I have myself experienced and can be defined as one of the most beautiful moments of my life.
Inevitably, my brain churns and looks out for more such moments which never fail to make me smile and are my 'mood-lifters'

Not long back, I got a call from one of my friends. I responded with a hello, but he went on. "If you don't come to your front door in ten seconds, there will be a bomb blast at your gate." Thinking it to be one of his another childish pranks, I ignored the call. Exactly ten seconds later, I heard the bell ring. My grandmother opened the door, but there was no one there. She continued to stand there for the next ten minutes. Soon my friend came out from his hiding, thinking my grandmother would have gone inside. But she had not, he got caught and got the scolding of his life :p I laughed for the next whole week.

Once while travelling in my car, I peeped outside the window and saw something that astonished me. A man was on a two wheeler with a woman holding on to him and three children that clung to the scooter like people on local trains. The fourth child was on the woman's lap, it seemed he would fall off the very next moment! My expected reaction was to say "Gosh! four kids!" But blame my luck, or my genetic problem of saying out things a bit too loud, that the person on the scooter heard it. "There's one more to come!" He grinned and the scooter zoomed away. *facepalm* I could feel my cheeks getting hot and red.

Here I give you an account of three incidents in my life which have broken life's monotony and given me priceless memories which will go in the mental cabinet where I store things worth remembering. This blog post has become a catalyst. A key to unlock so many memories which become my mood lifters.
At no point, life is perfect. If one thing gets into place, the other falls apart. So all one can do is preserve beautiful memories in the form of Polaroids in the brain and cherish them!

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